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  • Model No.
  • Product Name
    Super Racing Car with Pull-back Action
  • Material
    Environmental Friendly ABS
  • Blocks Qty
    148 pcs
  • Manual
  • Age Range
    >6 years old


【Learn More About BanBao】

  1. 1. BanBao quality monitoring and testing center for a series of stringent drop, tensile, welding, and endurance tests, to ensure its high quality.

  2. 2.BanBao products are made of ABS food-grade production raw materials non-toxic tasteless, bright luster resistance to wear and decay, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

  3. 3.BanBao introduced the international advanced computer processing technology and high precision CNC processing equipment mold workshop, the establishment of a mold standardization database, the construction of a perfect quality assurance system, so that mold design, manufacturing, testing, and other processes can be reasonably monitored, to ensure the stability of quality.

4.BanBao has a research and development team, to promise independent design on models and packages, and to guarantee our products can always be free of copyright problems.

5.BanBao product meets EN71, ASTM, and all international toys' quality and safety standards.

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