The development of BanBao is inseparable from the care and guidance of government leaders at the national, provincial, municipal and district levels and people from all walks of life. Relying on the advantages of the Shantou toy industry, BanBao accumulated a lot and made little progress. In just over ten years, Banbao becomes the navigator of the national brand of building block toys in China. The full affirmation of leaders at all levels and people in the industry has doubled our power, more firmly done a good job in education, and strengthened and expand the national brand.

Under the leadership and care of leaders at all levels and with the efforts of the company's team, on December 9, 2015, it was successfully listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and became the first plastic building block in China. The stock abbreviation is Banbao Yizhi, stock code 603398. So far, Banbao has entered a new developmental milestone.

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